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"Finally, Some Students Return to New York City’s Classrooms"

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Original article written by Eliza Shapiro for the New York Times

Today, New York City schools began re-opening in-person for up to 90,000 children, primarily in pre-K and students with advanced disabilities. After two reopening delays and a loss of 10 days of remote classes, people across New York City are reacting to this news differently, "The mix of joy, confusion and hope was felt throughout New York City on Monday, on a first day of school unlike any other for the nation’s largest school district" writes Shapiro, expressing the different reactions of parents, teachers and school officials throughout the city. Many parents are relieved by the re openings as it allows them to return to work and give their children a sense of normalcy. For New York, this step towards reopening is significant milestone after the peak of the pandemic in the Spring, when they were the epicenter of the virus. The day was not without its problems however, as technology problems kept many online students from attending their classes. Furthermore, the city left many families scrambling to find childcare after falling short of its promise of offering free programs for tens of thousands of vulnerable students and the children of essential workers. Mayor de Blasio has assured these parents that around 30,000 seats would be available in the child care program starting next week. But many parents have opted out of in-person learning, citing safety concerns and the need for consistency when making child care arrangements. For now, many parents are waiting to hear more from the city and see how their COVID-19 prevention measures are working.

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