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How Will Anti Vax Movements Influence the Spread of COVID?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Across the globe, rates of vaccination vary in different populations. The question to ask is how does this difference in mindset contribute to the spread of illness? Last summer, Italy's parliament voted to lift a legal requirement which called for children to be vaccinated prior to enrolling in preschool. Healthcare professionals frowned upon this action, yet Italian lawmakers voted to change this law- children under the age of 6 would not have to receive 10 vaccinations

pre-enrollment to preschool. This occurred one year after the spike in Measles, which placed Italy at the second highest number of measles case in Europe.

In an effort to promote herd immunity, public health officials push for vaccines. When thinking ahead to a vaccine cleared for coronavirus, it is important to ask ourselves who is at risk? What will be the attitude for a vaccine on the market? How will attitudes affect the potential spread of the virus in areas, such as Italy, that are so heavily "anti-vax" in nature?

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