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A Large Sponsor of SBHCs, Community Health Centers, Make Great Strides

In support of Community Health Centers (CHC), we would like to share this great article about the amazing work done by Callen-Lorde CHC.

Approximately 50 percent of NYS School Based Health Centers sponsoring organizations are CHCs. We are proud to see this amazing work.

"In March, New York City began moving homeless shelter residents believed to have Covid-19 to “isolation units” within existing facilities. In April, it began using the city’s inventory of empty hotels, which were supposed to be for residents who weren’t yet sick enough to need hospital care. There was plenty of space available; the problem was how to staff it. For one hotel, the city contracted with Housing Works, a nonprofit focused on homelessness and H.I.V./AIDS. Housing Works brought in Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, which serves L.G.B.T.Q. New Yorkers. Callen-Lorde’s staff learned the hotel’s exact location, in Queens, late in the morning on Friday, April 3. There were 133 rooms, expected to hold more than 170 patients. They had only a few hours to get the place ready: The first patients would begin arriving that night."

Read full article here


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