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Self-Care Tips for School Professionals: Ways to Prevent Vicarious Trauma & Burnout
Presented by BH Program Advisor Scott Bloom, LCSW
WHEN: Tuesday November 1st, 3-4 PM EST

The NYSBHF is pleased to invite you to the third webinar of our two-year Program to Strengthen Behavioral Health Capacity in New York's School-Based Health Centers. Behavioral Health Program Advisor Scott Bloom, LCSW, will present on: Self-Care Tips for School Professionals: Ways to Prevent Vicarious Trauma and Burnout.


Vicarious Trauma and Burnout is an occupational phenomenon that has physical and emotional consequences for individuals, as well as repercussions for individuals’ work with clients, patient safety, and health system operations. This Webinar will discuss why self-care is important and what causes compassion fatigue, burnout, and vicarious trauma.  We will highlight prevention activities and offer tools to measure our own individual state of burnout and readiness to improve.


For questions contact Lisa Perry, Program Manager, nysbhfoundation@gmail.com

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