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Schools Opening Back Up: Vaccination Rates Pose Another Concern

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

As states open back up and school districts look to open, new challenges may arise. On Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio drew attention a new setback: the surprisingly low rates of vaccinations among children. These rates can be attributed to a few reasons, one being children staying at home away from medical facilities.

In the past several weeks, the number of vaccine doses administered to children dropped 63 percent compared with the same time last year, and by 91 percent for children older than 2. This is alarming, as the demographic with lowest vaccination rates are infants.

Unvaccinated children could be at higher risk to contract COVID-19, and this is particularly important since students need vaccination requirements before school entry. Parents can make an appointment for their child to receive a free vaccine by calling (844) NYC-4NYC.

Read more here & here.


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