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The Foundation has envisioned a broad-ranging learning and technical assistance center, providing high-level education and resources for school-based health professionals. This center will be realized by offering a grounding in school-based health center (sbhc) operations and management; providing general and organization-specific audit technical assistance; and developing a groundbreaking statewide data repository linking EHR and quality data to a single hub. We have begun the process of establishing this Center though the following three initiatives:


Data Hub
The Foundation is partnering with the Alliance (NYSBHA) to pilot a statewide SBHC evaluation and data system, including assessing available data sources such as EHR visit data and existing data repositories, examining readiness of SBHC sponsors to participate - see details here, developing a plan and examining its feasibility in initial and on-going cost and resources. This project will build on results of a statewide assessment completed in August 2018 about implementation and data needs of SBHCs in New York State. This assessment was funded by NYSBHA and conducted by Apex.  

Critical to SBHCs is the capacity to analyze, compare and improve individual SBHC performance and document the outcomes of SBHCs as is necessary for successful advocacy, managed care negotiations and transition to a value-based Medicaid reimbursement system.  SBHCs are currently one of the only health care sectors operating without such a resource.













In developing the Data Hub, the Foundation will rely heavily on two highly-experienced consultants, Lisa Perry, Principal of Morningside Health Strategies, LLC and Carlos Romero, Founder, President and Senior Evaluator of Apex Evaluation, a firm that develops data and evaluation systems for school-based health centers.  On behalf of the Community Health Care Association of NYS, Ms. Perry developed a similar data repository for New York’s FQHCs and its Center for Health Infomatics. Mr. Romero has extensive experience with school-based health centers across the country, including developing data repositories for the States of New Mexico and Colorado.

Learning & Leadership Academy
The Foundation, in partnership with the Alliance will develop an Academy offering a series of modules on topics critical to building the financial strength and operational capacity of SBHCs in New York.  These modules will utilize live presentations and webinars; on-line, self-directed training modules; and will offer related materials and resources.  Included will be such topics as:  How to start an SBHC; regulatory compliance; optimized billing and coding; developing standardized center policies and procedures; student enrollment and engagement techniques; staffing and expansion models; and building relationships with school principals and administration.  While training will initially focus on business and operations, it will also include the sharing state-of-the-art program innovations.  The Academy is a key element of the Foundation’s vision of a Center of Excellence.


Peer Audit & Technical Assistance Program
The Foundation is undertaking the creation of an innovative program offering sbhcs an objective audit of center policies and practices.The Peer Audit Program will provide assessments to SBHCs to prepare for audits by regulatory and recognition agencies such as IPRO, TJC and PCMH. This will include on site assessments by trained peer auditors and/or virtual audits with the auditor and a self-audit tool to assess for gaps. The auditor will support the SBHC and make recommendations. Our goal is to support centers in their capacity to meet required state regulations, operating standards and principles but also to move toward achieving nationally recognized benchmarks of excellence. 


Internship Program
The Foundation has developed a unique internship opportunity, currently for a graduate student or person interested in a part time, grant-funded project. See details about 2020's internship program here


2019-2021: The Ira W. DeCamp Foundation approved a grant of $75,000 October 2019 to the New York School-Based Health Foundation to develop its data hub pilot program over two years, see above.

2019-2021: The New York Community Trust board approved a grant of $100,000 October 2019 to the New York School-Based Health Foundation for two years to fund the following three projects: development of a statewide data hub pilot, see above; creation and implementation of a sbhc learning & leadership academy, see above; and a visibility and marketing campaign.

2017-2018: The New York Community Trust board approved a grant of $20,000 November 2017 to the New York School-Based Health Foundation to build the capacity of an organization which advocates for New York City’s school-based health centers. The Foundation is utilized this funding to build on three initiatives: organizational visibility; an sbhc needs needs assessment & data augmentation; and the initial stages of developing an sbhc peer audit program.

2017: The Foundation was one of several state organizations involved in a two year grant project through 2017 with Regional Asthma Management and Prevention (RAMP) through the Public Health Institute in California. The project, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, entailed: Collecting and Disseminating Best Practices by collaborating with RAMP to identify SBHCs from the state already addressing environmental asthma triggers to be featured in case studies and by assisting in the completion of the Asthma Environmental Intervention Guide for SBHCs; and Designing and Conducting a State Training and Supporting a National Learning Collaborative  by collaborating with RAMP to conduct and coordinate a half-day training in the state as well as supporting training at the national level.


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