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Update on Recruitment

Recruitment is now complete for 2022. Please send expressions of interest for the 2023 program to Lisa Perry, Program Manager, at

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upcoming Webinar!

Self-Care Tips for School Professionals: Ways to Prevent Vicarious Trauma & Burnout
Presented by BH Program Advisor Scott Bloom, LCSW
WHEN: Tuesday November 1st, 3-4 PM EST

The NYSBHF is pleased to invite you to the third webinar of our two-year Program to Strengthen Behavioral Health Capacity in New York's School-Based Health Centers. Behavioral Health Program Advisor Scott Bloom, LCSW, will present on: Self-Care Tips for School Professionals: Ways to Prevent Vicarious Trauma and Burnout.


Vicarious Trauma and Burnout is an occupational phenomenon that has physical and emotional consequences for individuals, as well as repercussions for individuals’ work with clients, patient safety, and health system operations. This Webinar will discuss why self-care is important and what causes compassion fatigue, burnout, and vicarious trauma.  We will highlight prevention activities and offer tools to measure our own individual state of burnout and readiness to improve.


For questions contact Lisa Perry, Program Manager,


About the School-Based Health Center (SBHC) Behavioral Health Program

We are pleased to announce the start of a new grant-funded project to support behavioral health services in school-based health centers throughout New York State.  This is a 2-year program that begin in January 2022, with generous funding from the New York Community Trust and the New York State Health Foundation. Each year, 10 sponsoring organizations will be enrolled to receive individualized technical assistance, group trainings & peer sharing on topics of identified interest, and a $5,000 stipend to help fund a project of each organization's choosing.

Behavioral Health Program Goals


The goal of this new behavioral health technical assistance program is to enhance New York’s school-based health centers' (SBHCs') capacity to meet the new wave of need resulting from students' experiences of the COVID pandemic. The program will be designed to strengthen the SBHCs' capabilities, systems and processes through which they deliver behavioral health services and to assure the SBHCs play an integral and coordinated role now and into the future.


The training and technical assistance will support SBHCs in establishing a three-tier service system for their school populations, as follows:

Tier 1. Prevention and universal needs

Tier 2. Outreach to targeted populations

Tier 3. Identification and immediate intervention for students with intensive needs, with special emphasis on suicide prevention among adolescents

Each tier poses unique challenges for SBHCs that operate within school communities, necessitating relationship building and coordination of services with school staff and leadership, as well as with external providers of behavioral health and other needed services.  This technical assistance program will help navigate these challenges by sharing best practices through consultations with Mr. Bloom, education sessions, and peer learning opportunities.


Watch the recording from our introductory webinar held December 14, 2021 here:
















Watch our Behavioral Health Program Cohort 1 Kickoff Webinar held February 14, 2022 here:

Our team

BH Program Advisor, LCSW

Director Of Special Projects & Initiatives, New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center (NYPCC)

Scott Bloom, LCSW, will be advising the BH program and providing training and technical assistance as our subject matter expert. Our NYC members know Scott as the founding Director of School Mental Health Services for the New York City Department of Education where he served for 15 years, facilitating partnerships with non-profit organizations and implementing mental health initiatives in over 1,800 city schools.


Mr. Bloom has spent his 31-year career at the intersection of mental health, communities, and schools working to improve access to social-emotional services and resources by integrating these programs, creating opportunities for children and youth to overcome emotional and behavioral barriers to academic achievement.

BH Program Manaager,

Principal, Morningside Health Strategies

Ms. Perry is a consultant with extensive executive experience in health care performance improvement. Her work focuses on data-driven innovation in patient services and operations. As
Principal of Morningside Health Strategies, recent engagements include fund development and project management for multiple programs of the New York School-Based Health Foundation; FQHC operational assessment; team-based care optimization; software evaluation &; data strategy design.