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Organization Description

The NY School-Based Health Foundation (Foundation) is a charitable organization supporting some 263 school-based health centers (SBHCs) located throughout New York State, serving over 250,000 students in grades preK-12. SBHCs provide access to comprehensive, high-quality primary health care, including medical, mental, oral, and community health services, for all children and youth statewide. Together with their membership organization, the New York School-Based Health Alliance, the Foundation achieves this by promoting the sustainability of SBHCs; facilitating the delivery of high-quality services; raising awareness of the school-based health model; and promoting the growth and expansion of SBHCs.

Internship Specifications

The Foundation is offering paid internship opportunities for a graduate student or other qualified, interested individual to support a campaign to create visibility for New York’s school-based health centers in the health care and educational communities among policy-makers and the public at large.  The internship is available in the larger Capital Region or New York City.  The intern will work primarily on a remote basis.


This intern must have expertise in communications, media, marketing and/or journalism.  The ability to self-manage (including time management); complete work independently via multiple projects; and communicate with Foundation staff regularly and effectively is essential.  The following are helpful:  Ability to generate original content and ideas; familiarity or interest in health care and/or the educational and policy-making communities; previous knowledge of and experience with marketing or media campaigns

Time commitment: 8 hours per week for 18-20 weeks; can be split into separate 9 or 10-week commitments over several semesters. Regular, weekly check-in meeting and/or call will be scheduled. The 2020 spring term is preferable, however start and end dates are flexible.

Focus Areas

  • Use of Social Media: social media platform review, informational vs. marketing content knowledge and creation (spelling/editing skills); campaign schedule development, execution and analysis; understanding of platform audience; consistent monitoring and posting.

  • Use of Traditional Media: Identify and facilitate relationships with key media (print, TV, radio); create and place press announcements; write and place SBHC stories and articles in newspapers; health care and educational media; journals.

Compensation: $20/hr. Positions offer an excellent opportunity to work on substantive projects and can result in a valuable reference for excellent work.

How to Apply: Please send: (1) a cover letter describing your focus area interest, relevant skills and availability (email is acceptable), (2) a resume or CV; and (3) a writing sample to, Subject: Internship application.

Questions?  Contact Sarah Murphy at or 518.694.3423.


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