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Continuing Learning: Playbook for Healthy School Communities

Playbook written for Thriving Schools by Kaiser Permanente in partnership with the National School-Based Health Alliance.

Earlier this month, more than 30 nationally recognized school health organizations came together to develop a playbook for the school year — “Planning for the Next Normal at School: Keeping students, staff, and families safe and healthy.” With this guide, these groups aimed to equip school and district leaders with specific, evidence-informed guidance and operating procedures for keeping school communities healthy in the upcoming school year. The playbook addresses the complete health needs of the school community for in-person and virtual learning environments. Most importantly for the pandemic school year, the guide includes a framework to understand, assess, and implement strategies for COVID-19 prevention, social drivers of health, physical activity, staff teacher and student mental health well-being, and funding.

To read the full playbook, which is updated regularly, CLICK HERE.

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