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FREE Child Care for NYC Essential Workers

As of a couple days ago, NYC expanded it's list of essential workers to receive free child care at Regional Enrichment Centers (RECs). Over 90 RECs are fully staffed with volunteers, paraprofessionals, community based staff, site supervisors, and Department of Education staff (DOE) to ensure well being for all. Children will be able to engage in active learning, physical activity, creative tasks, access to three meals, and more.

Adding on to the list of essential workers who qualify for care, Mayor Bill de Blasio qualified more categories for this list. In order to qualify, children must be New York City residents and have parents who are first responders, health care providers, ferry/transit workers, essential grocery store and pharmacy staff, Department of Health and more.

Centers will be open each weekday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and children that are enrolled can attend anytime during this time frame. Proper hygiene practices and safety precautions will be in place to ensure the protection of health!


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