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How Schools Are Addressing Students' Mental Health Needs Due To Trauma Of COVID-19

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Original article written by Meredith Deliso for ABC News

As students return for a third school year affected by the coronavirus pandemic, trauma and grief support are top of mind among educators addressing the wide-reaching impacts of the crisis.

Most, if not all, students may have experienced loss in other ways, from financial or housing instability to a prolonged disruption to their sense of normalcy or routine.

"We need to figure out how to help everyone and still keep our eyes open for those who need more," Dr. David Schonfeld said. "If educators know how to provide universal support, they will be better prepared to know when someone needs more than that."

Identifying and accommodating students impacted by trauma and grief are key, as those who have experienced significant loss may need long-term support in the classroom, said Maria Collins, the head of New York Life Foundation's Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative, a program that provides resources and tools for school communities to support grieving students.


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