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SBHC Expert Steps In To Help The Front Lines of Covid-19

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

“I don't like it because when I see patients, I look at their non-verbals, I look at their facial expressions and they're doing the same with me,” she said. “The only thing they can see are my eyes. And although the eyes can be the windows of the soul, it's hard. I think it's harder to express the empathy and the sympathy and the compassion we want to get across behind all the garb we wear,” Catherine Hopkins, a family nurse practitioner, says.

On a typical day outside of this pandemic, she would be running four school based health clinics in Yonkers schools. She is the hospital’s director of community outreach and school health, and targets high-need areas to provide primary health care services.

Since schools are now closed, she has been stepping into the front lines of providing clinical care to patients. However, there is no doubt that her expertise in school based health lends a hand to her success.

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