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"2021: An Active Year for M&As in the Digital Health Space"

Original article written by Sebastian Seiguer for NASDAQ

Written from a financial standpoint, this article posits that the growth of telehealth during the pandemic has led to considerable growth in the digital health market. Telehealth as a function (streaming, HIPAA-secure video) is now considered a commodity in the financial world, and the best operators can strengthen their positions in the market by broadening their services. The author discusses how changing mindsets and cultural shifts have altered the way people think about health services that previously were constrained by time and geography. Especially when it comes to implementing digital health services through school-based health centers, there is a greater understanding among health official about the virtual experiences for students. According to Seiguer, "Validated approaches in the non-virtual world, but effective when delivered digitally, must evolve to help us get through the after-effects of Covid-19. Healthcare workers can expand their capabilities, and see more patients, when using a technology-enabled adaptation of a validated approach to help patients remotely." Many of the barrier to accessing health, including geographical and temporal constraints, can be overcome using telehealth, as long as healthcare providers are investing in digital health innovation and properly evaluating their services in the upcoming year.

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