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Connell Sanders: Worcester Public Schools’ best kept secret is in the nurse’s office

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Original article written by Sarah Connell Sanders for Worcester Magazine

Family Health Center of Worcester continues to operate Doherty’s SBHC, along with six others across the Worcester Public Schools. Edward M. Kennedy operates five SBHC’s in the city, including one at the school where I am now a teacher. “This collaboration enables us to provide better access to the SBHCs, but it also improves the quality of care provided by sharing best practices, resources and strategies to best reach the students,” said Pelley. “Given the size of the district, it also helps to maximize our reach, both within the schools, but also at pop-up events like vaccine clinics.”

“From that point on, whenever I noticed that one of my students was struggling to see what was written on the board, or was dealing with food insecurity at home, or was in need of a physical examination in order to participate on an athletic team, or was suffering from pain associated with a decaying tooth, or was experiencing anxiety due to violence in the community, I referred them to the SBHC where they could receive services on-site at school and be connected to the services that they needed outside of school.”

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