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How to Find an L.G.B.T Friendly Pediatrician

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Original article written by Perri Klass for The New York Times.

During adolescent years, it's a time when most teens experience puberty, grow in their relationships, figure out their identity and explore their sexuality. Essentially, for pediatricians it is critical that they are sensitive to these changes. Here are a few ways parents and guardians can find friendly L.G.B.T pediatricians.

Consult with local L.B.G.T.Q resource centers for recommendations about pediatric practices.

Look for visual signs that indicate that the practice is friendly. For example pick up on signals and symbols like rainbow posters/flags, pronoun stickers on name tags.

Explore the practice's website for language that indicates that the practice is friendly to everyone.

Look for doctors who ask open-ended questions and who understand the diversity of child development.

Pediatricians should be clear and honest about confidentiality.

It is encouraged to remember that these adolescents are still vulnerable to stigma, bullying and abuse, and consequent mental health problems.

When children feel support and acceptance they are less likely to self harm, become depressed, or experience mental health problems.

Click HERE for the A.A.P policy statement on good care for L.G.B.T children and youth.

Click HERE for the policy statement on good care for gender-diverse children.

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