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"New York City schools could close as early as Monday as Covid-19 Cases Rise"

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Original article written by Valerie Strauss for the Washington Post

Due to rising covid-19 cases in New York City, Mayor Bill deBlasio announced this morning that parents should be prepared for schools to close as early as Monday. Mayor deBlasio has been warning for months that schools in NYC would close if the city’s coronavirus infection rates rose above 3 percent on a seven-day rolling average. As of today, November 13th, the cities rate has risen to 2.83 percent. The looming closure of the nation's largest school district comes amid surge in coronavirus cases around the country. Just yesterday, the United States broke records in the number of coronavirus cases — 153,000 — as some states are ordering new restriction and a number of school districts are closing or planning to in states around the country.

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